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    Paid Survey - Nielsen Homescan

    Paid Survey – Nielsen Homescan

    Nielsen Homescan is a survey program that helps make your voice heard in the world of market research. It is the world leader in market research and media information. This private company is active in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Nielsen Homescan consumer panel already has more than 12,000 members with the same goal: they want to express their views as consumers and develop products on the market.

    Basically, you have to scan (to read optical) bar codes of the products you normally buy with the scanner you will receive from Nielsen Homescan. At the end of each week, you send the results of the items you scanned. The data from the purchases you made from your home will help companies understand the preferences and buying habits of Canadians. You will also receive sporadic surveys to do online.

    Nielsen Homescan is free and easy. You will never be asked to make any payments or buy anything. By participating in the panel, you are enrolled in contests and earn points that can be exchanged for items offered in the Nielsen Homescan catalog. You will also receive gifts in exchange for your participation!

    * We advise Nielsen Homescan for its originality and contribution to Canadian market research. Read products with an optical scanner and get gifts!